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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 23, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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houses and gin mills. and we have a musical note with remy. >> remi, whether are you back on fnc? >> i will be on the air with neil cavudo on the fox news channel. >> before that this weekend friday and saturday at governor's comedy club on long island, my home club. and new year's eve schenectady. >> sounds good. >> ♪ ask schenectady ♪ schenectady oh, wait. >> tonight on huckabee, a prisonor of war. >> all i could see is iraqi men bearing down on me.
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he was the first american pow to be arrested since world war ii. >> i was a survivor at that point. let me correct you. you were a hero because you were there. >> jessica lynch on the challenges he faced! i deal with it the best i can. he ran up over 100,000 in a credit card bill. >> it started with a cautionary tale and how to stay out of debt this christmas . the little rockers spread christmas with you. ♪ all you want for christmas is you. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. ♪ >> thank you. thank you very much .
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i think the audience is getting better. i do. we have a special christmas show prepared for you tomorrow night. i hope you are enjoying it and by it there is so much hostility for people with lawsuits filed over songs and christmas treese and nativity scenes by those who say they are offended by christmas. i have to think in some ways, this is a good thing. no really, it is it a good thing. open hostility to faith is far better than indifference. people who are anything but indifferent to christmas. when i hear thangry and hostile rantings of christmas or eradiated in the public scare. i don't hear the voices of people who think it is meaningless or useless. they would be mildly amused that so much of us spend so
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much in the energy and acknowledgment and the meaning of the cherished day. the reaction is not benign amusement or scorn or indifference. it is angry and venomous and high volume rage. it is like they're afraid it would be true. if they thought it was a fairy tale and thought it like what they claimed it to be. they would be unmoved by our waisting time and energy and money over it, they would be glad we extended so much effort on something that was utterly meaningless . the degree of hosility is a sign of fear. you don't fear a stuffed bear in the musime. but you would fear an eight foot tall grisly bear that you had growling inches from your face. people who think that god is dead and the birth of jesus is
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for coward and weaklings. they would react in our christian observances . some curiosity and no real eal reaction or fear . when i see the vicious and irerational reaction?we have holiday trees instead of christmas trees. no. i am made to feel that it must be mighty powerful to elicit that response so that a person would be scared senseless at the sight of a tree and sound of a song and a symbol that is a savior to me and share silliness to the protestors. i will believe that christmas is meaningless when the critics ignore it and confront it with a yawn instead of yelling.
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until thin we mean no harm and only good. good will in fact and peace and good will to all. merry christmas. [ applause ] oklahoma senator jim inhofe has a special place in his heart for africa. mostly on humanitarian and faith-based causes it is there in the impoverished nation of ethiopia where one of the places was born and found abandoned in an alley and taken to the orphan age where she was nursed to health and senators dole and molly were looking to adopt a girl. i spoke to senator inhoffe and his daughter marie. i spoke to him about the stoir store. you worked for africa and worked for causes there . something special happened.
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your daughter molly who i have known many years and knew her before i knew you. she and her husband jimmy were thinking about adopt might be interested in adopting a child from africa. how did you react when you heard that news. >> i was excited about it you know that our i spent 15 or 20 years in africa and a mission thing up until 9/11 and we have brothers and sisters that we are close and intimate all the way through subsahara africa. this was my first experience and what is interesting i became so interested in the difficult time that we had in getting this job with our little marie, that we formed an acaucus and senator landreu and i learned from that . they asked me about it you are asking the wrong person. we had to do our own research.
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>> you had friends in ethiopia and they helped you get process started. what was it like to go through that. >> we had our brother in ethiopia who is a ethiopian name and we know about that . he called one day. he had gone through an orphanage and he looked over and saw this little girl. she's about a week old and tiny and not doing well. he walked in and said that's got to be her. she called me that day and said we have found this little girl. vuto keep in mind. by our standards they are primitive orphanages and in this one, they had two different rooms. one for those who are not thriving and they could have avocado and milk . she was not thriving well and that's how we originally got
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in touch with her and knew immediately that little marie was going to be a grand daughter. >> marie you are a beautiful young lady and it is a delight to have you. you've been told about your process of adoption and you know, now you are in the united states. when you think about adoption, tell me what that means to you and what kind of personal joy can you have in know thag so many kids have to be born in the family they are stuck with . your parents looked all over the world and picked you on purpose. that's got to make you feel pretty good. >> it does. it placs me feel really good. i don't know. it is a really good feeling. i just think that it is something that all kippeds in orphanages should have. >> you are blessed to have a wonderful family .
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my friend, your grandfather senator inhov. tell me about the first time you saw marie. i understand that moll yejimmy went to ethiopia and were able to get them there and you met thim in europe and saw your grand daughter for the first time in there. >> governor, you know, we were and we wanted to see her while he was still in ethiopia and it didn't work out. we were going to land there and for security reasons we couldn't do it. i never staw marie until the awas in process and we were going back to the united states and my daughter and her husband. we met in germany and i saw this little girl and i knew immediately marie was going to be our grand daughter. i had no doubt about it i you hear about a match made in heaven. this was made in heaven. >> christmas time, and tell me
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what you are hoping happens for you this christmas? >> this christmas, i think i am really looked forward to putting up our nativity scene that my great grandfather maid. >> yes, sir he did. >> sounds like a wonderful family tradition. you i think it is interesting you didn't say you wanted for yourself but doing something as a family and honoring christ on his birth. it is obvious that the family that you have been placed into and chosen you is a very fram fam. senator, i just want to ask you, tell us why adoption is so important and would you encourage other families to consider the process? >> there are hundreds of thousands of young families around the country here in america that want to adopt.
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they know how . it -- difficult it is. we have a website and we help them out in the adoption process and caucus. we are trying to make it easy. unfortunately there are all of the obstacles out there and many of the young people in africa particularly some of them don't live. it is it a process. it is it a beautiful process and a rewarding one. anyone who has ever considered adoption . particularly an adoption from africa. it is it an experience you will never have any other way and you will be richly rewarded for it. >> thank you senator and marie. have a wonderful, wonderful christmas. >> senator inhofe will join us on next week's show and talk about the environmental regulations could cause for businesses in 2013. up next. we catch up with former iraq
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war jessica lynch . we'll find out what she is out to and tin years by the dramatic rescue by fellow troops.
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>> private first clash joined. and the real education she received was in iraq where in march 23rd, her convoy took a wrong turn and ambushed by
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iraqis. she was captured and became the first american p.o.w. to be successfully rescued since world war ii . on april 1st, 2003 a special operation raid of u.s. army forces and army rangers and navy seals landed in iraq, the mission to take home private jessica lynch . at 1:00 they entered the iraq hospital and after securing the location they found lynch. >> are you in pain. it is okay, lynch was suffering from mental distress and severe physical energies and within minutes. lynch was on a helicopter headed for much needed medical attention and after nine days
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in captivity her nightmare was over. >> you are doing wonderful. >> welcome back. >> her rescue. [ applause ] >> her rescue received a lot of news coverage and she was portrayed as a hero. she will not take credit and described herself simply as a survivor. please welcome a hero to me, jessica lynch. so good to have you here. [ applause ] every time i see the video, i get choked up. how old were you when that happened? >> 19. >> you were 19 years old. >> yeah. >> that is not something to happen to a 19 year old in west virginia and you are supposed to be out dates and having fun and not put in the hospital by iraqis and rescued in the middle of the night. why dudecide to join the army.
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>> i was 18 and my brother and i decided we were so close in age and help my family and not put thim through the burden of college and right after me was my sister and we were all close in age. we didn't want to have that debt on my parents and me and my brother decided to serve our country and be proud . be an army soldier. >> this was before 9/11 and the war . so duever think. okay, i will go to the army and i will probably be in combat? >> no, that never crossed my mind at all. i thought i would get the education like they rapromised and the travel opportunities and the people that you meet just at the university . it was a lot on the travel. i like to get out and see different parts of the world. >> you saw a part of one that you were not planning on.
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>> no. you ended up in iraq and the night of the unit attacked your unit took a wrong tourn and ambushed and 11 were killed and five capture later rescued. the initial story came out that you had discharged your gun and fought off the attackers. that's not what happened though. what did happen? >> there other than so many fabricated stories and it circulated the media, i knew as soon as i was able to get out and tell my story, that's what i wanted to do and set the record straight . no, unfortunately during the ambush, i was knocked unconscious and that's was it. to me that wasn't a hero. i was simply a survivor at that point. >> let me correct you. you are a hero because you were there. [ applause ] you were there [ applause ]
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respiratory and you didn't have to fend off 50 iraqis and hostile soldiers to be heroic. >> thank you. >> but the feeling you had you didn't want them to think certain. you were not ashamed the military career. but didn't want them to think of you differently than those who didn't make it through the night. tell me about the people who didn't make it out that night. >> unfortunately everyone in the hum vee was killed thraday. i was the only survivor out of the five of us . right there, i knew something tragically happened. but i still wasn't for sure what went down because i was knocked unconscious. i was just, i was so thankful that they chose to let me live.
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>> next thing you remember after being knocked unconscious is what? >> i woke up i guess two or three hours after the ambush happened . i woke up in an iraqi hospital and i opened my eyes for the first time and i looked up and all i could see is these iraqi men staring down at me and at that point, i was mortified. i was scared because i didn't know first of all how i got there and i didn't know what happened and i didn't know the rest of my comvoy or colonel raids were. >> i can't remember the terror of looking up and you don't see anybody you know . you are seeing hostile people
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to you . then you have to be hurting like crazy. talk about the injuries. i don't think most people know how severely you were injured. >> i had a head laceration. my back was broken in the fourth and 50 lumber and broke my right humerous and they caused me to go with a limp arm . they took out my left femur. >> the iraqis removed my left femur and they did replace with a 1940s rod that was fit for a man. so it was not fit for my tiny frame. and then moy left tibia was broken and my right fot was crushed and smashed. i have had 21 surgeries to repair everything and to get me where i am at today.
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>> your body was crush did any speak english. not enough that i could understand. i could pick up when a certain broken english. i guess you could say and i did understand a fow pieces they through at me. mostly arabic and i was left off in a corner by myself. when you saw what happened in benghazi and the four families, you had a concern for them because you wanted to make sure their families got the right story. why is that so important to you? >> i went in 2007, and spoke in front of congress to make sure the story was spoke lefor the tillman family. their family was fed so many fabricated stories they wanted to insure, i was there for support, i was not there to
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tell my story. i was fortunate to come back home and let people know. i was not a rambo warrior fighting on the streets of iraq. this is what really happened. unfortunately pat didn't get to come home and tell his stories, there are stow many more soldiers that are not fortunate to come home and their families are just being told whatever cover up story that they can get. >> long, term, what will you have to deal with as a result of what happened in iraq for you? >> pretty much everything. wraking nupt morning, i have to put on a brace just so i can walk. because i am still dealing with severe nerve damage that affected where the back was broke . no feeling in the left leg and i wear a brace. right foot gives me a lot of problems because of the surgeries they had to do.
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and walking is painful, but you know, i deal with at this time best i can. but later in life it is going tit had me. >> you have told your story in your book i am a soldier, too and no one would doubt that. i know one thing this is a blissing to you. you have a five year old. >> little girl. >> her name is dakota. [ applause ] >> when you hold her and hug her, i am sure there is a part of you that said little girl you have no idea what a miracle you are because of the miracle that you are to be her mom. >> we were very important it to carry her . just because of all of the nerve damage. we were not for sure i would be able to have kids . so very much a blissing and she's happy and healthy and doing great. >> you are doing glate. i want to thank you for being here and the candor of the
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story. jessica don't let anyone ever tell you that you are not a person of courage and not the courage just to be willing to look at that horrible scene in that hospital for those days and not knowing what is going to happen. but the courage to come back and get yourself to walk again and tell your story. that's courage. >> it is perse verance and attitude . i as long as i keep up that never give up attitude and i keep that faith and my hope. you know what, i am going to be okay. i am going to be okay. >> you are going to be okay. god bless you. >> thank you. >> jessica lynch. planned parent hood look at the facts of a death of a woman in ireland to make the case of abortion. coming up, two women to
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fox the pro lifer versus pro abortion is heating nup ireland. the woman complained of pain and she asked for a abortion believing she miscarried her young baby. the doctors refused to abort the child saying the fetal heart beat was still.
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the women died three days later. the incident caused controversy all over the world . american pro abortion advocates pressured hillary clinton. joining us is hilary rose. an irish citizen nevy brown delair woman of love institute. it is so good to have you hered today. ireland is a catholic prolife country and why is this drawing so much attention for those who advocate for abortion. >> first thing we need to say . it was a tragic case. i am a mother of four young girls . everybody hate to hear about maternal death. we feel so sad for the mother and baby. but in ireland those deaths
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are rare. in the unitedination we are the most safe place . so this death caused a huge amount of incision . there was a hysteria about what happened had nothing to do with abortion at all. it was broken in the most senizationalist it went all over the world. woman denoticed termination dies in the hospital . it is said to the world that ireland stapped said accused of letting her die. that's not the facts. the facts show and emerge and tell a totally different story. irish medical experts came forward and explained that in ireland where abortion is
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illegal. doctors are always fro to intervene to save the motheracy lives. one of the masters chief said this has nothing to do with abortion . it is in the a treatment for mis. she lost it to septic caused by e-coli virus that was resistant to antibotics. they became dround out in the hysteria that was created by abortion campaigners and the media. they were doing that to push abortion out in ireland. >> it was in part of the newspaper. woman denied termination died in the hospital. the reporter addmitted that there was not evidence but that came after the publicication and after the damage was done. >> the headline went all over the world and the headline was more distorted and you had
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newspapers in the states and in india reporting that ireland murdered . shocking sensationalist headlines and very interestingly. several weeks after all of the global hysteria was created, the journalist went on the radio program and presenter of the program prissed her on the discrepancies of the story and she said the facts of the case may be muddle perhaps an inquiry will find she never asked for a termination. it shows that she never asked for that . what is happening in ireland. because of the global hysteria that was manufactured by abortion campaigners they are putting pressure on the government to legalize abortion. >> planned parent hood is in a debate over taxpayer funding
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and now they moved in ireland in a significant way . they understand bihind a lot of the publicity campaign. what could you tell me and other folkings in ireland to be prepared for as planned parent hood presents the message in ireland. >> in the united states, planned parent hood was the architects of the hysteria for the environment of roe v wade. using jane roe and misleading the american people that abortion would be good for our children. we have seen millions of children that are lost to abortion . ireland can look at other count ropes and it is something to fight for . planned parent hood they were with false cases trying to trick and mislead people.
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it is it happening in ireland. right now the lesson is clear. don't go the way of the misleading abortion trea trying to make a profit after the pain of women and hurt for the women and children. america looks to you as an inspirational point . we institute the right to life in our own nations. >> if i believe all that i am told by the liberals. this is the important thing they want the right to have an abortion . both of you are young women and neither one of you feel that the important thing in your life is to have access to abortion. are we misled to believe that this is what women want more than anything? >> yeah, absolutely governor, we have . the reason why ireland matters so much for global abortion campaigners like planned parent hood. irlapped is like the proof and
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scientific evident that you can getgo get abortion and keep the mothers safe. the people decided that we can offer better answers to woman than abortion and protect our mothers and our bodies. that made ireland like a safe haven . that planned parent hood are taking court cases and pressurizing our government and trying to force ireland to legalize abortion. the movement is rising up and saying not on our watch. >> what can we learn from irlapped? >> i think we should look to ireland as an example of how a country should protect the women and children . secretary of state hillary clinton went there and instead of praising the united states for beating the united states for a lower maternal death rate indicate said they were not doing a great job. we should look up to ireland
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and you can protect the mother and the child. human rights can be protected and should be. we should praise ireland and stand with ireland right now as they are under the onslaught of attack for abortion interest. >> it is it a pliesure to have you know . i know you will go back and lead the fight . delia. thanks for all that you do for the cause of life.
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>> christmas is a time for giving and many shoppers are putting themselves under pressure trying to find the perfect gift and then they have to deal with the stress of paying off the credit card death in the new year. my next guest knows all about being in debt. she accumulated a credit card of over $100,000.
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it took her a dozen year to get out. it is called debt-proof your christmas. joining us now is mary hun. >> thank you, governor and merry christmas. >> when i hear a credit card debt of $100,000. how dudo it >> i can teach you how to do it >> i center family members who know. >> how does that happen? that is not saying a few things for the kid and the frinds. goes going on there. >> just in case of emergency and then we have emergencies. it didn't start big. it starts snaul and pay it off . crossing that thres hold that was a point in moy life and then on. it was little more won't hurt and tell then you rely on it for the monthly bills and then it is it the beginning of the end. >> how long did it take you to get to $100,000.
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>> 12 years . 12 to get there and 13 to fight off. that is 25 years. nope one has the time and money . i offer my experiences and my lessons to anybody i can help to avoid that. you don't have to get into like that. >> you talk about how it started small. a week before christmas. what do people do when they go to stores shopping to keep from getting in the trap. i continue is expensive and that's what they want. >> we have a final exam and one more person to mark off of the list. concentrating on december 26th. between 26th and the first of the year most are forgotten. they fade but the debt goes on and on . if you can hang on and give them what they really want. the last few days. they want to sphend time with you . they want to have family
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traditions and do things they will remember. a couple of gifts will be fine and the kids will remember the times and warmth and loving times together x. pour your heart and soul in that and stay away from the stores and any more gifts will not make that much difference for the recipients but for you it is a huge difference. >> did you figure up how much mon i in about you paid in all of the credit card. >> i was not planning to tell anybody about it but i have tried to do some reconstruction and i can tell you in our dollars today. the debt i ran up would be over $362,000 including interests and penalties we did pay back. when you look at that. it is crazy that we live in a society that would allow such a thing. clearly they knew i couldn't. i did pay it back. as they were handing out the credit. >> but you could have bout a
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second house for the amount of money in interest ands or ever the period of time. >> what would have happened if it did not happen. i in reand now i able the last two deck aids and 21 years, i have been able to help people in debt-free living and pay back and learn to live below their meeps so they can fund their own emergencies. that's what our society doesn't teach us. >> debt-proof your crase mas. you talk about ways people can take step to debt-proof christmas. share what they ought to be think being. >> cash only. put the credit cards and debit card in a safe place and if you buy anything. make sure it is cash . think of ways you can give gifts . make thing in your children and don't let it all enjoy that. i don't to.
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>> let the gift be the marriages. >> i am wearing many things that people made for me in the kitchen. that is the problem. >> you are hilarous. >> it is the truth. what are the other ways. >> if you have no cash. give your own time. like governor what could you come to my home and -- >> nothing with hammer nail and power tools. >> i have so much feed back how they have given a gift to teach a teen to drive or a single mom who hocouldn't . or commuter lissons and baby sitting over the next year and iou a gift my mother-in-law gavenomy. the set of wedding crystal that she received for the widing and she lived lopping enough to see me enjoy that. she department have a lot of money. but it was a priceless gift.
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>> a lot of people the most important christmas gift ought to be the boo debt-proof your christmas. it may be the one gift to save them from heart break and pain. >> all of the members of our audience will get a copy of debt-proof your christmas. the audience will be well armed and prepared. >> coming up. our house band the little rockers and diane from fox business network. stay with us. .
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>> it is it a while since the house band little rockers
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performed and i got to tell you we are ready to rock. we are a bunch of people in the fox family and all of us wish we could make music all of the but no season would be complete without the little rockers. leading is diane masedo . lauren green on chi board and on the guitar fox reporter riardo and producer singing the back up focals and on the slay bells and on the our friend zarro. >> and diane. you are going to do a song for us today. that is one of my favorite my miriah. >> i do. all i want for christmas. i hope they enjoy: >> i bet they will. ♪
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♪ i there is just one thing i need . ♪ i don't care about the presents the underneath the christmas. ♪ because i yust want you for my own. ♪ so that you could ever know. note make my wish come ♪ all want for christmas. ♪ is --- - respiratory ♪ you. ♪ ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas, there is just one thing i need. ♪ i care about my presents
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the underneath the christmas tree. ♪ ine hang my stocking. ♪ here comes the fire place. ♪ santa claus won't make me happy. ♪ with the toy on christmas day. ♪ i just want you for my own. ♪ more than you could ever ever know. ♪ baby all i want for christmas. ♪ ♪ ♪ i won't ask for much this christmas. ♪ i won'tine misto tow. ♪ i will keep on waging underneath the mistletoe ♪ i will not make won't even stay awake. ♪ and hear the reindeer
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sleigh. ♪ all i want to hear tonight. ♪ what more can i do. ♪ baby all i want for christmas. is you. ♪ ♪ oh, the lights are shining every day. ♪ and children laughter fill the are air. ♪ i hear those sleigh bells rings. ♪ santa please bring me my baby to mow. ♪ oh, i don't want a lot for christmas. ♪ there is just one thing. ♪ i want to see you baby standing right next to me.
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♪ i just want you for my own. ♪ more than you could ever. ♪ thankful to come true. ♪ baby all i want for christmas is you. ♪ all i want for christmas is you, baby. you ♪ ♪ snoit ♪ all i want for christmas is you. [ applause ] , diane and the little rockers and thank you for being with us here on this wonderful week before christmas. i hope you and your family
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have a great christmas. until next time this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and merry christmas and god bless. ♪ ♪
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